We met Bongi in July 2015,  as part of the Lemonade Day event in Knysna.  Scott Picken, CEO of Wealth Migrate brought this idea from the U.S.A to South Africa after seeing how successful it was - Lemonade Day is an organization that teaches children the skills of entrepreneurship.  Scott organised the first ever Lemonade Day, and as they say, the rest is history!
From the start of the Lemonda Day event, Bongi stood out, raising R1 600 in profit.  While all the other kids went home, Bongi would not leave staying until he had sold out.  He showed true tenacity, passion, and humility over the four-day event.
Following Lemonade Day, Wealth Migrate initiated a fund-raising campaign to support Bongi’s aptitude for education by raising funds to pay for his tuition fees at Oakhill School in Knysna - a co-educational day school, situated in the beautiful town of Knysna on the Garden Route in the Western Cape. The School has an outstanding academic record, with a 100% pass rate in the IEB examination since its inception.   
Wealth Migrate and other sponsors paid for Bongi's first year at Oakhill School and we are currently raising funds for his Grade 9, 10 and 11 tuition.  We regularly engage with the school on Bongi's progress and he is doing exceptionally well!  He is excelling in sport and is part of the provincial hockey A-team.
Help Bongi on his journey by donating towards his tuition.  Bongi's parents fully support his edcuation and also contribute towards his education.   
 To raise funds for Bongi's education at Oakhill School in South Africa
R139 478
Knysna, South Africa
’Oakhill has been awesome this year, I've had my difficulties. Sometimes I must give my all and sometimes there's just enough time to have fun. I've made lots of new friends and have a few favourite teachers whose teaching methods are excellent.
Oakhill has mentors who guide us through thick and thin and are always there when we need advice. It hasn't been so bad being the newbies of Oakhill college, and if I stay another year or more that would mean a lot to me.
I've noticed that in IEB schools, the education is one grade higher than other government schools so it has been tricky to only come in at grade eight where I've taken such a big step from a government school to a private school and taken me a while to understand the difference in work.
The Lemonade Day project has taught me a lot including how to handle and not waste money on silly things and it taught me the ways of trade and that one does not just trade with only money. The other thing I've learnt is that entrepreneurship is not only about money, it’s also about using common sense and knowing how to handle people mentally.
I've been thinking a lot about my future but my mom says I'm stressing too much and must first focus on the present and I really don't know if that’s a good or bad thing.
I would like to send a massive thanks to everyone who has helped me at Oakhill this year and for the people who helped me get into Oakhill, that it would be a really big pleasure if they could do the same for next year. Thank you.’’
Congratulations Bongi on your 2016 achievements, very proud of you! Make 2017 even better!
Cliff Lamberton
Bongi is an exceptional boy and he is going to be successful, I guarantee it!!!
Scott Picken
We are happy to be a part of a special persons education. It is the best gift of all. Make us proud Bongi
Cliff & Mariella
Having kids at a good school is a privilege and I am glad to join Bongi's journey!
Jaco Maritz
Bongi, you've shown you have the will to succeed. Never give up. Make us proud. Make your family proud. Make yourself proud.
Andrew Cooper
Good luck for your future, you have the ability to calve any path you want.
Michael Honeysett
Wealth Migrate is committed to further supporting Bongi’s education. This includes completing High School and tertiary education (should he show an aptitude for this). We will continue to encourage him on his journey, ensuring that he takes this opportunity with both hands and prospers to the best of his abilities. The proceeds from WEALTHMOVEMENT event ticket sales will go towards raising fees for Bongi’s further tuition.
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